Announced at the Intel Developer forum last September, the Dell Venue 8 7000 was touted as the thinnest in the world and at 6mm thin, it’s hard to argue. The tablet has been released in the US, appearing at US retailer Best Buy, where it’s selling for US$399, but it’s about to appear down-under as soon as this month.

While retail sales haven’t been announced, Dell Australia have advised that the tablet will be on-sale on their Australian website from the 27th of January for $499. The tablet comes in a stylish gunmetal-grey aluminum chassis, with a stereo, front-facing speaker mounted beneath the 8.4″ 2560×1600 resolution OLED infinity edge-to-edge display.

Specs wise, it’s a little different in that it’s powered by an Intel Atom core, but it’s the Intel processor that will provide the backbone for the Intel RealSense Snapshot Depth Camera software which is paired with the 8MP on the rear of the tablet. RealSense Snapshot offers the ability to Re-Focus photos after the shot has been taken, a trick we’ve been seeing a lot more of recently on phones from 2014.

Full specs included on the Venue 8 7000 :

  • 8.4″ OLED Display with FHD (2560×1600) resolution with 10-pt capacitive touch
  • Intel ® Atom ™ processor Z3580 (up to 2.3GHz Quad Core) with Intel® HD Graphics (Imagination PowerVR G6430)
  • 2GB LP DDR3 RAM integrated
  • 16GB eMMC with Micro-SD Card Reader
    (SD, SDHC, SDXC, supporting up to 512GB)
  • 8MP Rear camera with Intel RealSense Snapshot Depth Camera software and 2MP Front-facing camera
  • Front-firing stereo speakers and MaxxAudio® by Waves
  • Intel 7260 1x1ac 802.11 ac + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)
  • 6×124.4×215.8mm @

The Dell Venue 8 7000 looks stunning. We’re very keen to get a look at the tablet and we’ll definitely be chasing a review model when it hits Australia.

Does this look like your next tablet?

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Harrison Pace

I have the Dell Venue 8 and it literally has no support and can’t even open the Android Browser properly – this isn’t isolated either search Dell Venue 8340 and you find primarily 1 star ratings with users having issues. Dell builds good hardware (for the most part) but they haven’t got Android Software sorted and Support to back it up. I would recommend for this fact alone sticking to Nexus Platform or other regarded brands (the market is flooded with tablets).


Goody goody, gum drops! Hopefully JB HiFi will sell these, so we’ll be able to snag a good deal. Is it still called the Venue 8 7000? In the US, it has been renamed as the Venue 8 7840.


lovely hardware, just wish it was a nexus. but if it can run cyanogenmod, then might be ok anyway


Can only see one speaker grille, so if its stereo front facing speakers, then it looks like it’ll only be stereo in portrait mode.
So no stereo speaker sound for consuming Media, like videos, in landscape.


Looks good, you have a typo tho – “8.4″ 560×1600 resolution OLED infinity edge-to-edge display.”

Daniel Tyson

Fixed – Cheers.


Has anyone noticed how retailers are cleaning out their stocks of Android tablets. Trimming them to to iPads and Samsungs, and removing everything else?

Just my observation from visiting JB and Office works lately.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yeah, unfortunately it appears other brands don’t sell too well. Although in my experience, I’ve tried out some of the non Samsung android tablets and I can see why they got rid of them. They weren’t too great. Lots of them ran froyo or gingerbread and weren’t great user experiences.


Yes, there’s an iPad table with a half dozen tablets on it and a Samsung table with at least a dozen (mostly forgettable) tablets on it. Then theres another section where you hope to find cool stuff like a Nexus 9 or Z3 Tablet Compact but all they have is old stuff there.