As we approach MWC 2015, the leaks continue with HTC’s One (M9) stopping by for a quick photoshoot on its way somewhere else. These photos, published by French outlet NowhereElse, show a device which looks strikingly similar to the 2014 HTC One (M8), with a similar BoomSound speaker arrangement, slightly slimmer bezels than before, and a square camera module at the rear rather than round. Others have observed that the sides and base look a little squarer than the M8 as well.


It’s not immediately apparent whether this leaked device retains the Duo Camera feature from the M8, as that part of the rear casing is obscured in the rear photo, but who knows, it may still be there, but a closer look makes it seem unlikely.

The photos have already been removed from NowhereElse, supposedly at the source’s request, so whether that adds any legitimacy to the photos remains to be seen.

Rounding up those rumours, the HTC One (M9) is rumoured to come in with a 20.7MP rear camera, Ultrapixel front camera, full-HD screen, Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and of course HTC’s updated Sense 7 interface.

HTC is widely expected to reveal this particular device at the MWC 2015 show in Barcelona in a few weeks now on the 1st of March. According to reports yesterday, the phone will be unveiled alongside a smartwatch or smart device built with HTC’s partner Under Armour.

Source: NowhereElse.
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So what phone besides Nexus is vanilla enough that you own I wonder, I’m only curious because I own a ONE M8 and thought that sense was the best skin possible besides Nexus but please prove me wrong 🙂

David Watt

I love my M8 and I’ll definitely be getting the M9 – but I wish they had changed the look even just a little more. Freshen up the look, make it look like a NEW device.


They have the side bezels ok, but the top and bottom ones again…. Ugggh! Too big!
HTC needs to lose the top and bottom bezels, and move their logo to the right of the selfie cam.


The top and bottom have the dual speakers and the black var houses the display controllers.

Not like you’d be interested in it anyway because it doesn’t have some ridiculous feature you’d expect while being priced at $50 because you’re too cheap to fork out good money for a good device.


The point about the top and bottom bezels on devices being too big was mentioned, yet again, in last night’s Ausdroid Podcast recording. As was noted in the Podcast, if Nexus can have narrower top and bottom bezels, why can’t the other Major Manufacturers do this?
My suggestion, this morning, was how to reduce the size of the top and bottom bezels on the supposed leaked M9 and keep the look of the device balanced.

David Watt

The bezels cover much needed hardware. They either have bezel there or they have silver metal there. I think bezel looks better than more silver. You can’t really compare with another phone (even though they’re both made by HTC). Different design, hardware etc…


A point of order. HTC haven’t made a Nexus phone since the Nexus One. N6 is a Moto beast 😉

David Watt

Ah, my bad. I have no interest in Nexus and know little about them ::P


You’re not comparing HTC One’s speakers with Nexus 6’s, are you?

Cause I can tell you, having had both devices, the Nexus’s speakers are nowhere near the quality of the One. I mean, not even in the same league.

Sure you can have tiny front facing speakers and have small bezels, or you can have decent speakers and slightly larger bezels. The quality of speakers are directly proportional to their size. There is no getting around the laws of physics.


I was absolutely not talking about the speaker grilles on the One.

What Ausdroid last night was getting at in the podcast when they referred to the bezels on the N6, was the thickness of the top and bottom screen bezels on the One.


The bottom bezel actually looks a mm or two smaller than it is on the M8… progress! Have you ever owned a HTC Jeni?


No I haven’t, Matt. I’ve only ever walked past them in store, with no interest in trying one out, even in store, as we don’t get GPE here, and Sense is far too far from vanilla Android for me to regard as acceptable.


Ahh, so you have never tried Sense either. As an owner of both a N5 and an M8, I can honestly tell you that vanilla Android (pre-lollipop in particular) is nowhere near as nice as Sense 6. Sense 6 is light and fast (unlike TouchWiz) and makes the phone significantly easier to use.

Daniel Tyson

Personal opinion there Matt – it’s all subjective remember. I liked Sense 6, but still prefer Vanilla Android.


It is kind of true though, which device would you give someone who has never had a smartphone before? Us techy folk obviously have no issues working our way around a new OS, but those not so tech inclined I would definitely push towards a Sense device.

Daniel Tyson

Actually I sold many people on Nexus 5’s and tend to push them towards Motorola in the lower end of the spectrum these days with their almost stock UI. In the high end the G3 has been my choice and my recommendation.


So I take it that you own a nexus?


No Iggy.
Nexus doesn’t have microSD support.
Right now, on the 64GB card in my Aldi Bauhn tablet, there’s only about 3.5GB free. There’s no way I’d be able get that about 60GB of content to be squeezed onto a Nexus.