Have you been waiting for one of the Android Wear watches to hit a really nice price point before you jump on board? Guess what? Today’s the day!

Kogan has dropped the price of the LG G Watch to an enticing $135 for black, and $169 for the white version.

Our review of the G Watch showed it does have some flaws, but at this price it’s a really good way to dip your toe into the Android Wear waters without shelling out $300 or more for the Moto 360 or G Watch R.

Head on over to Kogan if you’re interested!

How low does it need to go? Is the sub-$150 price point enough to loosen your purse strings for an LG G Watch? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Kogan.
Thanks: Rob for the heads up.
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David Anderton

still thinking the pebble steel


Lucky I got one from Google Play for $99 before xmas. Was a great gift for a friend.


Just bought one for €109 ($124) in Holland 2 days ago