It appears that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Wifi) users are seeing an update, bringing their devices up to KitKat.

It’s great to see that Samsung are continuing to update their devices, but Note 8 users might be a little disappointed that it’s a KitKat update (to version 4.4.2), and not a giant leap into the Lollipop kingdom that they’ve been hoping for.

Also disappointing? It seems this update has already been doing the rounds overseas for a while.

2015 - 1

The Note 8 has popped up fairly consistently on sales at sites like CatchOfTheDay, so while it might no longer be current we’re pretty sure there’s stock moving out there somewhere. Let’s hope that Samsung and other manufacturers continue to bring updates to some of their older, but not obsolete devices.

Have you updated your Note 8 to KitKat 4.4.2? Tell us about the changes in the comments.

Source: Will Kallis.
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Lol I’ve had the KitKat update since July on my note 8.0. Why is it now just rolling out?


Random question… What is the icon pack in use in the screenshot above?

Phil Tann

Check with the tipster on the source link…
Couldn’t tell you off hand


Was a pretty decent tablet in it’s day. Good that Sammy are updating it.


Note 8 has had 4.4.2 for some time… you just had to load the UK ROM on it…


I can confirm it, no updates in over 12 months but hey, premium tablet beggars can’t be choosers. Now Samsung where is my Lollipop! πŸ™‚