If you purchased a OnePlus One mainly for the Cyanogen based Android OS running the super-phone, then OxygenOS leaks probably haven’t particularly excited you, but maybe this will. OnePlus has teased Lollipop running on the OnePlus One, showing off the now familiar new Android 5.0 settings screens and easter egg in a new video.

As you can see, the video is brief and the description is briefer: Lollipop is almost here. The Cyanogen team are pretty well-known for their ‘Don’t ask for time-frames’ rule when referring to update time-lines, we hope that this will start rolling out to OnePlus customers very soon.

Source: OnePlus YouTube.
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Yeah. It’s a very old nightly. I would imagine it would be soon though. They did say it would be in 3 months from release of lollipop. It seems a lot of manufacturers are having issues getting lollipop out there. The under the hood changes are very extensive and not an easy thing so I’m not surprised.


LOL. they showed a CyanogenMod build from November