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The launch of Android 5.1 has of course all Nexus users scrambling to find out when their phone or tablet will be updated. Google has already made factory images available for the Nexus 5, 7 (2012) Wi-Fi and 10, but the most recent Nexus devices the Nexus 6 and 9 are obviously the most hotly anticipated. While Google has so far been quiet on when the update for these devices will begin to rollout, US Carrier Sprint isn’t so quiet.

Sprint has updated their support documentation with an entry for the Nexus 6, which lists the Android 5.1 update – Build LMY47D – as being made available as of March 11th.
While we don’t usually get excited about update announcements from US carriers, this is the Nexus 6 which is essentially the same hardware the world over. If this page on the Sprint website is legit, we should expect the Android 5.1 update with a slightly different radio file for international models, to begin receiving the update quite soon.

Source: Sprint Support.
Via: Android Police.
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No updates for my non-carrier Nexus 6. So much for all that Nexus devices get updates first jibber jabber.


The Nexus 6 should have the same radio file for both US and international variants.

The only time the radio firmware should vary is if they need to make a county-specific patch, which is rare.