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With the details on the Galaxy S6 now in the open, it’s time to decide if you’re going to update your phone. A two-year update cycle is generally what most Australians are on, but it’s becoming more common for people to look at new phones after just 12-months and that’s what Galaxy S5 owners are doing. Samsung understands and has offered up an infographic that shows the differences between the two models.

The Infographic goes through the major spec points of both phones and shows how much work has gone into the new model.


The choice is up to you, if you decide to move ahead with purchasing a Galaxy S6 we have all the information on outright pricing or carrier deals to check out, so do some checking and find the right way to get your hands on one.

Source: Samsung.
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The support for the S5 (g900i) is a joke. Samsung doesn’t care about Australia. I had a Gnex for 3 years. I plan to have the S5 for 2-3 years with a rom keeping it up to date. Next phone will be LG no question.


I certainly will not be updating my S5 for the S6. Since April last year I have had three replacements on the S5. I will wait to at least Christmas before I would even consider upgrading. at the moment my only thought is when are we going to get update to lollypop. I will look at lollypop. then i’ll update with custom ROM.


Interesting they didn’t compare the battery capacity between the two or mention the micro SD slot on the S5.


Also with the battery, they made no mention of the S6 battery not being removable.


“Gorilla Glass 4 – Latest Strong Glass on the Market” and “Aluminium 6013 – Strong Metal Material On the Smartphone Market”.

That’s like the Greens handing out blue “How to Vote” cards in Balmain. Technically not illegal, but designed to mislead.


Agreed with the Aluminium but the Gorilla Glass is amazingly strong. Have you seen the drop tests?