Samsung Galaxy Note II

With a large number of devices on the market, it’s often hard for Samsung to deliver timely updates to all of their older devices. Integrating new APIs, design language and code into the Touchwiz framework often means a number of their older, or even less popular devices are left hanging. While the Galaxy Note 2 is considered an ‘older’ device now, it seems that it will actually still receive a Lollipop update – at least in some marktes.

In response to a question from a concerned user, Samsung Denmark has confirmed that at the very least, Danish models of the phone will receive the the update to Android 5.0.

While the update for the Galaxy Note II has only been confirmed for their particular market, the existence of a Lollipop build for that hardware means that it’s possible it could be released in other markets, like Australia, as well.

For what it’s worth, the Telstra Galaxy Note II 4G only just rolled out the Kit Kat update for the handset late last month. Optus, Telstra and Vodafone also make no mention of an update to Android 5.0 on their respective software update pages at all.

We have reached out to Samsung Australia as to whether or not the update will hit Australian handsets and when we’ll update this post when, or if that information comes through.

What device have you had, or currently hold that desperately needs an update?

Source: Samsung Danmark Twitter.
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Craig Nichols

I have a Note 2 and an S4 I9506 both running Kit Kat which I’m very happy with. Having upgraded my wife’s S5 to Lollipop (a grey import from Kogan) it’s nothing to fax home about. Perfectly happy staying on Kit Kat now.


Still waiting on 5.0.2 for my Tab S 8.4 (supposedly a flagship device?). I note that Brazil, Panama and Switzerland are supposed to have already got it – according to SamMobile.
Perhaps I’m missing something but do wifi only models really differ that much between countries? I can understand LTE versions having to accommodate carrier peculiarities but wifi only models?


Fully agree. The usual mumbo jumbo is the Telcos causing delay. There is no excuse for wifi devices other than Samsung Australia being their pathetic self.


I doubt Australia so be one of those countries. Samsung Australia is crap.

Look at Samsung Australia’s record with the 2014 flagship Galaxy S5. Lollipop roll out began in December, the 900i version in January in Taiwan and April in India … yet still no word on Australia.

Only luck is ever had is to flash an OS firmware. Something not possible for the 900i.

Pretty pathetic and likely the last Samsung product for me (after owning S1 S3 S5 TAB7.7 and TAB S). #SamsungAustraliaSUCKS!

Dennis Bareis

They said it would, so now it might?

Phill Edwards

Still waiting for Lollipop for LG G2 HK model that I bought from Kogan 🙁


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