Google has uploaded the Android M preview images for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player to their developer site, so you can download them and have a look. We’ve installed the preview on the Nexus 6 and taken some screenshots for you to check out.

The actual image installed is quite unstable if you don’t do a complete refresh on the phone, so say good bye to your apps and data – or in other words, back it all up first before you embark on installing the Android M preview.

The setup process is almost the same as you’ll find on Android Lollipop, once you’re in you see a refined font on the lock screen, but it looks very similar other than that. The home screen is familiar and as you can see the new Volume setup with separate sliders is now available from a dropdown once you use the volume key.

The biggest change noticeable is the App Drawer which has a new layout. It’s also got a recently used app section at the top which updates with recently used apps. On first boot it doesn’t show any apps, but once you start loading some up, it populates.

A check of the Apps section in Settings shows a new ‘Permissions’ selection which lets you view, and turn on/off permissions associated with an app. A warning flashes up warning of possible consequences if you turn the permission off, but it lets you do it once you accept these possible consequences.

The traditional check of the Android M ‘Easter Egg’ is included, with a few taps on Android Version – Android M bringing up the Android M logo. Tapping on the Android M logo doesn’t bring up any additional animations but drops you back with the emoticon below.

This is a brief look at the basic Android M interface and we’ll check out more over the next couple of days. If you have something you’d like us to check out, let us know.

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Downloading for Shamu ……

Yianni soc

i’m running this on the Nexus 5 – great update – feels snappier, although that could be placebo…


Vertical app draw. Going back to the old android days, HTC were doing it right the whole time.

Yianni soc

I like the new setup! looks and works great. Makes sense!
edit: no pun intended for your HTC reference 😛