Portable Bluetooth speaker systems are all the rage at the moment, with companies releasing many variations on the theme, but today Bose have taken a jab at their opposition in the mobile Bluetooth speaker market today with the release of the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II.

For users who enjoy music anywhere and everywhere, or want to crank their podcasts while they’re out and about; the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II may just be for you. The unit also allows for speakerphone functionality to take a call, as well as multi-connect for pairing multiple devices, and voice prompts to make for an easy pairing process.

The speaker went on sale in Australia on the 5th of June and retails for AU$299. The speaker weighs just under 700 grams and measures a mere 51x180x59mm yet even with such a tiny package, Bose claim up to 10 hours of playback time.

Bose Product Manager for Soundlink said in the press release

Wireless is everywhere, but better wireless — better sounding, better designed, easier to use — that’s where we’re always focused. Combining the amazing sound and look of the SoundLink Mini with new features that are simple, intuitive, and brilliantly delivered provides another chapter in our story.

We’ve reached out to Bose for a review unit and will put the speaker to the test, what would you like to know about the Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II?

Would a portable Bluetooth speaker be the addition you need to make your parties, the ones to attend?

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Wanted version 1 of this but it lacked the USB charging which was a must have for me. Version 2 has this, so it’s a winner! Unfortunately already got the JBL Charge 2 as I couldn’t wait 🙁

Dylan Wheeler

Have the original version of this, it’s amazing, I love it! Audio quality is brilliant with very good bass for such a small unit! Recently took it backpacking across Europe and got many a dorm room party going! $299 for the new model with increased battery life and new features is very reasonable for what you will get out of it!


Was just thinking about getting the series 1 version today until I saw this one just released.

A few questions:
What does it offer that the previous model doesn’t?
And do the protective cases fit on both models?


They are the same size so protective case should fit both. This new one has longer (10 hours) battery life, can be charged with USB cable and can be connected to two devices at the same time. Also it has speakerphone ability now so you can use it as that as well if you want to. Not sure if there have been any upgrades in sound department.