moto 360 cradleMotorola appears to be bringing up the rear, finally releasing the Android Wear 5.1.1 update for the Moto 360. The news has come out just this morning, a couple of hours ago, via the Android Wear Developers group on Google+.

The roll-out has started today, and as with all such things, it’ll be a staged affair. This means that your watch may not receive the update today, tomorrow, or even this weekend, but usually within a week or so you should see the system update notification arriving on your Moto 360.

If you’ve forgotten what Android Wear 5.1.1 will bring to the Moto 360, take a look at our platform announcement from back in April. Access to WiFi networks, a better system UI and more await you.

Source: +WaynePiekarski.
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The update hit at lunch time however I was at 79% power… bugger.

vijay alapati

i’m currently having issue with my wear, i go to run and it gets recorded on google fit on my watch, when i come home it gets connected to wifi and i received all the notifications, but i don’t see the fit data getting syc to google server, i never connect to android phone as i dont like running android wear on my phone which is a battery hogger. any one having this issue?