OnePlus has been in the news quite regularly of late, with focus turning to their upcoming flagship, the company still hasn’t forgotten their existing fanbase. The team at Cyanogen released an updated CM12s ROM for the OnePlus One days ago which apparently fixed the long standing touchscreen issues, now their in-house ROM developers have released an update for their home grown OxygenOS build which also includes those same fixes.

The release headline feature – Fixes for Touchscreen – is essentially all we know about this release, though there is a new beta of a tool designed by XDA-Developers which is intended to make the move from CM11s or CM12s to OxygenOS smooth, with no data loss.

The forum post, includes links to the updated software and touchscreen fix, as well as step-by-step instructions on installing it. If you’ve been contemplating the switch to OxygenOS then this is a good option to try. Head over and read up before flashing.

Source: OnePlus Forum.