One M9 - Galaxy S6
If you’re missing some toggles from your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge after the latest software update from Samsung rolled out, you can now get them back. Samsung has released an official tool, called ‘QuickPanel Restore’ into their Samsung App Store.

The tool brings back the Mobile Data, Private Mode, and Mobile Hotspot toggles which disappeared by way of hitting the big blue button once you’ve installed the tool. Once the fix is run, you can then remove the tool, indicating that the fix is essentially just writing to a particular system file – but as Samsung hasn’t announced why they removed the toggles in the first place, we can’t tell which.

Of course this means you’ll need to setup access ot the Samsung App Store, but it’s an easy enough fix once you’ve done that. If you are missing some toggles, head to the Samsung App Store and search ‘Quick Panel Restore’ to find the right app.

Source: SamMobile.
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Dion Parkinson

what about a fix for the 3g data dropping out

Bootloops Anonymous

They did the same thing when their Kitkat update messed up screen mirroring, rather than release a full OTA they just made the patch into an APK and published to play store. I think it’s a good way to do things


Yep, tool works well. Was disappointed at losing quick access to Mobile Hotspot. All back to normal now. Good job Samsung!