If you haven’t ever emailed yourself a reminder you’re in a very small percentage of the population. As technology has improved, particularly now with geo-location technology available in users pockets the ability to create location based reminders is more relevant for a lot of people. Inbox has gone a long way to merging the messaging and personal reminders world bringing your reminders into an inline stream with your email. The Inbox app has gone a step further now prompting users to create a reminder when attempting to email themselves.

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A great prompt to use the reminder service linked to Google Now and capable of reminding you based on location, not just time and day based reminders.

Inbox is of course open for use by anyone now, having dropped the invite system at Google I/O. You can head over to Google Play and check out the app now.

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Be honest, how often have you emailed yourself reminders?