HTC One M8

Are you rocking an HTC One (M8) and wondering if your daily driver will get updated to Android M when it officially drops? Well wonder no longer; Thanks to Pierrette Rubenson sending a tweet to HTC USA and Mo Versi, Vice President of Product Management at HTC and his response has confirmed that the phone will indeed be getting an Android M update.

The confirmation stays in line with HTC keeping their devices on the most recent version of Android for 2 years or more from their release date; though, it doesn’t bode particularly well for the M7. Great news for the users out there who are on a contract with carriers and don’t want to head down the path of flashing a new ROM to get the latest version of Android.

If you’ve had an HTC phone (currently or past) how reliable have you found them at keeping devices up to date?

Source: Android Police.
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Would this apply to my M8s, a phone exclusive to Vodafone but released this year?

George Lu

I love Lollipop and fingers cross my M7 will be updated to M as well.

vijay alapati

A flaghip phone must get min of 2 major OS upgrades, so was the galaxy S lines are getting form start.