HTC One M9 header
When announced at Mobile World Congress in March, the HTC One M9 came with the latest version of Android (5.0 Lollipop), with HTC Sense 7 overlaid. Almost immediately Google released Android 5.1, which then led to questions immediately of when the phone would see the update. Well, it seems the Android 5.1 rollout has begun in HTC’s home market of Taiwan.

Twitter user @Masini1491 has tweeted a screenshot of the update screen he says was delivered to his One M9 handset. The update is for ROM version 2.10.709.1 and is 866.4MB in size. The size is focused on in the text of the update, a screenshot of which was included in his tweet to well known HTC developer @LlabTooFeR.

The translation of the screen reads:

Software update:210.709.1 (866.4MB)

This update includes the following new featyures and performance improvements:
Android 5.1 Charge Efficiency improvement

Please note!
Thios update does not delete any information, we recommend that you use the free Wi-Fi connection to download the update, if you can use the cell phone data connection network providers have to pay an additional fee.If in any doubt, through the following URL with HTC customer service contact. Save only data usage through Wi-Fi updates.

All three carriers in Australia offered the HTC One M9, so there’s going to be at least some wait before the update arrives here. Checking out the local scene, Vodafone lists the Android 5.1 update as ‘Testing Scheduled’, while Optus has no information. Finally, it seems that Telstra is closest, listing the update as ‘Scheduled’ for the 10th of August.

Even with newer handsets arriving on the scene, the HTC One M9 is still a great handset and Android 5.1 should smooth out a few issues and add some new functions. We’ll see more about when Australian retail units will start receiving the update soon.

Source: @Masini1491.