After announcing they were testing the Android 5.1 update for the HTC One M9 which included fixes for the Stagefright vulnerability, Telstra has today advised they have a number of other updates in testing that also address the issue.

The Software update announcement from Craig at Telstra lists devices from LG, Samsung and Sony, with the update coming in the payload for Android 5.1(.1). The phones to receive the update include:

  • Nexus 5 – Android 5.1.1 – Expected: 6-Aug-15
  • Galaxy S6 – Android 5.1 – Expected: 31-Aug-15
  • Galaxy S6 Edge – Android 5.1 – Expected: 31-Aug-15
  • Xperia Z – Android 5.1.1 – Expected: 07-Sep-15
  • Xperia Z1 – Android 5.1.1 – Expected: 28-Sep-15
  • Xperia Z1 Compact – Android 5.1.1 – Expected: 28-Sep-15

Vodafone today also updated their software release blog, advising they too are testing an update for the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Xperia Z, though they have had some issues with the update. Optus hasn’t updated their blog since last week.

While it’s almost certain the updates currently in testing at Optus and Vodafone contain the same Stagefright fix, we have contacted both carriers to clarify.

Source: Telstra.
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This is probably the first indication I’ve seen of a commitment to update my GS6 to Android 5.1. I do hope they can deliver by the specific date.


No explanation of what stage fright is or even a link to a previous article explaining it! What are you guys running here? A mockery?!

Daniel Tyson

Added a link, but if after all the coverage of Stagefright today you DON’T know what it is…


I’m hoping that when you receive feedback on something that you’ve done, you are critiqued more kindly than you have done here yourself. Perhaps you are wanting for good examples of how to be polite when suggesting a correction.