Android M tease
Android M has been out in the wild for a couple of months now as a developer test, but what will the final dessert themed name be for the next version of Android? Well, we may find out sooner than later thanks to Nat And Lo, the Googlers shining a light all over the Googleplex and showing what goes on there.

The tease was tweeted out by the @andorid twitter account and has been mirrored over on Google+. The video features a catchy tune by Matt Farley which if you love is available over on SoundCloud (yep, you can cast it if you want).

The video description says ‘Here’s a little musical hint about our next episode’, so it seems the next Nat And Lo video we see may show the Android M name. Look out for the end of the video which shows an Android statue being made – most likely over at the Themendous studios who create all the Android statues.

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Source: YouTube.
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    I think that I read a while ago that Android M is supposed to be released in Q3 – which lines up with a late September launch of it. Now you can’t have an Android launch without a Nexus device, maybe the Nexus hunting season might start early this year?


    I was at Google hq the other day they have another statue half made just the android section though.