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As we approach the release of the 2015 Nexus phone (or phones) there has been an even greater number of leaks and images than in previous years. Android Pit recently shared a quite clear picture of the phone, which editor Kris Carlon says are not renders, but simply cleaned up to protect their source. And following the initial leak, they’ve followed up with a side view of the phone.

Much like other highly anticipated devices, there probably won’t be much surprise left when the final announcement, which is being rumoured for September 29th in San Francisco, does in fact drop. The latest image of the Nexus 5 2015 has confirmed the look of the back panel and side of the LG Nexus 5 for 2015 with the often maligned camera ‘bump’ and fingerprint reader in the middle of the rear panel.

The side shot that’s been shared today, shows that Google has moved the Nexus power button and volume rocker onto the same side similar to the design layout from the Nexus 6. The phone does appear thinner when compared to the Nexus 5, but we hope that won’t affect the size of the battery which is said to be around the 2,700mAh mark.
nexus 5 x

Further specs rumoured from the phone include a Snapdragon 808 processor, 5.2″ QHD display, 3GB of RAM and storage options of 16GB or 32GB (and naturally for Nexus, no microSD card slot). Rumours are also pointing at a high-end camera experience for this years Nexus (for the LG and the Huawei Nexus phones), with a 12.3MP shooter on the rear and laser auto-focus similar to other LG flagship phones from the current and previous models.

The wait is almost over to officially confirm the details of the upcoming Nexus devices, so stay tuned as we stay on top of the latest Nexus news.

From what we see here, do you like the growing picture of the Nexus 5 2015?

Source: Android Pit.
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Dhruv Naik

Yea I’m afraid the battery is most likely worn quite badly as it approaches 2 years. That was a particularly bad day with Google play services and Android OS keeping my phone awake but it never gets me to even 2 hours SOT. Some people are after a good phone that does most things well but I’m after that one step above. Something that does most things really well. And so far I’ve seen that the Note 5 ticks most of the boxes even battery life. I’m just waiting for a larger storage option to hit Australia and I’ll buy.… Read more »


Should take MKB’s advice and fill it up with battery until it’s flush with the camera hump


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I am worried about battery life. My nexus 5 sucks for battery. But if it is cheap enough it might be worth it over the Moto X Style or the Sony Xperia Z5


My thoughts exactly.


Err, how can it ‘look thin’ ?

We know from the other leaks that with that camera bump it’s 9.8mm thick. The Nexus 5 was 8.6mm.

A better adjective would be ‘bulbous’.

Joshua Hill

The N5 also had a protruding camera. You mention the thickness of the new Nexus with the camera and the preceding one without.

Misleading and useless comparison.

Joshua Hill

Perhaps it’s the panda and perspective but it looks thin to me.


looks to me like it might just be more curved

Dhruv Naik

I have the current LG Nexus 5 and I don’t feel excited about this. I have my eyes now set on good ol’ Samsung. My Nexus 5 has experienced overheating when using maps in the car, maps would then respond really slow and show my location incorrectly which has at times been quite dangerous. It was a big upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus but having the Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 10 and Nexus 5 there have always been issues with the Nexus range that has kind of killed it. The camera on the Nexus 5 isn’t great at 8MP… even… Read more »

Jamie S

After owning a S6 for some time now I can tell you it’s anything but perfect. I was stuck on 5.0.2 until I manually flashed 5.1.1 to try and overcome the massive lag and RAM management issues. The update fixed the lag but actually made the battery worse IMO and I now struggle to get 10-12 hours with 2-3 hours SOT. I am actually looking at going for a Motorola X Play with a 1080p screen and massive battery with micro sd support, fm radio and almost stock android. At least Motorola have not gone down this super thin phone… Read more »

Dhruv Naik

Thanks for your post. It’s definitely given some food for thought. Just goes to show how true the statement is that “there is no perfect phone”. MKBHD had a video on the exact same issue. I want the next phone to have a bloody good camera and that’s why Samsung is winning the race. I have xiaomi battery packs to get me through long days so I can live with that. I can’t live with crap hardware and I found the camera, battery, GPS and CPU to be problematic. I’ll be doing some more research on Moto phones now 🙂

Jamie S

Yeah the camera is the best, make no mistake but I want more than just a great camera?

Dhruv Naik

Oh another thing the screen I hear is also the best to date? Bright even in sunny conditions? I agree that each individual has their own requirements for the right mix of elements that make the phone close to perfect for them. It really sucks that Samsung didn’t beef up the battery on both the S6 and Note 5 and instead shaved them down but it’s tech reviewers that cause this. The Note 5 is 1 gram lighter than the iPhone 6+, I think that was intentional. They’ve still managed better specs, camera and screen especially plus a slightly bigger… Read more »

Jamie S

Yep screen is pretty amazing particularly in bright sunny conditions however I still struggle to see it wearing polarised sunglasses but that’s my fault. I do prefer a bigger screen 5.5 -5.7 inch like on my Note 3 though.

Dhruv Naik

Well this is why I’m most likely getting the Note 5 for myself. It’s good to have thoughts from a current S6 owner so thanks for sharing. I would like to point out that google play services has had a heavy toll on your battery today… it always annoys me when google apps play up and they often do. I’ve only got 34% left on the Nexus 5 with Android OS and Google Play Services being the top two culprits… Usually I get 2.5 hours SOT on the Nexus 5 at which point the battery is dead. So I’d be… Read more »

Dhruv Naik

15 minutes of SOT… LG nexus 5. Any upgrade to this will be great 🙂 lol.

Jamie S

2hrs 8min SOT


A colleague has both the Nexus 5 and Samsung S6, he can’t wait to get rid of the S6. Aggressive memory management, meagre battery, slow OS updates and the Samsung skin (although less in your face but still) are the main reasons.

I’m tossing between the Nexus 5X and either similar Motorola X Play/Sony Z5 Compact offerings but Samsung… no way in hell am I getting one of their devices.

Joshua Hill

Except for maybe that gorgeous Gear S2 classic or whatever they call their new smartwatches.

vijay alapati

I updated my wife S6 edge to 5.1.1 via Samsung store at Melbourne central, The battery was much improved (now comes 2 days 1 night ). memory was never issue as she uses phone only for browsing and basic apps. Try taking it to samsung store, they might be able to help you.

Jamie S

Thanks mate but I’m already on 5.1.1. My wife’s s6 lasts6 32gb a couple of days too cause she hardly uses it and she’s on 5.0.2. Unless they can sell me a Moto X then they are probably not gonna be much help.


I do hope that the actual storage has higher specs than what’s rumoured. 16/32Gb is just too little in this day and age.
Otherwise (or concurrently), provide SD Card support. Yes, we know this whole cloud thing is the current trend but we don’t always have access to the cloud (think a lengthy overseas trip where you’re snap happy).


Looks good. Let’s just hope with the dropping AU dollar it’s no to pricey here.