We’ve received advice from Telstra this morning that it has approved the Android 6.0 Marshmallow over-the-air (OTA) update for the Nexus 5. Better yet, Telstra has confirmed that Google has started progressively releasing the update to Nexus 5 users on Telstra’s network.

This is in stark contrast to the Lollipop update which took Telstra quite some time to pass through the carrier testing process, resulting in many Nexus users (including those who hadn’t purchased the handsets from Telstra) waiting for quite some time to receive their updates.

It’s good news, and a good step forward. So, if you’re using your Nexus 5 on Telstra, keep an eye out for the software update notification; you should be seeing it really soon now.

Source: Telstra.
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daniel tierney

Any ideas when the telstra galaxy s5 will get the marshmellow update?

Goh Ahwei

any word on the nexus 7 2013 wifi+4G rollout marshmallow rollout from Telstra yet?


I am still waiting for my Nexus 6 OTA Android 6 update on Telstra. Has any Nexus 6 owners received their OTA Android 6 update yet on Telstra? I purchased my Nexus 6 from Google directly I did NOT get mine from Telstra. And yes I know I can manually update mine, I am only interested in people who got OTA updates of the Nexus 6 not those who have sideloaded it.

Gray Fox

I upgraded my nexus 5 to marshmallow the day it was released.
I have noticed a huge improvement in battery life, I also rooted it.
I wasn’t going to wait for telstra to illegally with hold the update from my unlocked phone running a pre paid sim.
No other telco does this, telstra don’t do it to Apple.

Tony Soprano

It’s not illegal for them to withhold it. Stop acting like Telstra are the only slow Telco around. I don’t even use Telstra, but the hate circle jerk is old and tired.

Gray Fox

Do optus, vodafone or virgin block it to check if the radio works.
From what I heard last time, they dont.
Heck never heard of telstra doing this to samsung, HTC or sony phones.

If the phone is a on a plan I can understand, but if it is pre-paid I should have a choice.


Yes, all carriers test software updates for the phones they have sold.

No they don’t control it if you brought the phone to their network yourself – that’s your responsibility.

Yes; Sony, HTC, Samsung and all others have had updates delayed due to bugs discovered by carrier testing.

No it’s not illegal to withhold an update. Actually, in certain circumstances it can be illegal to release an update (if it violated Australian standards, for example).

Daniel Tyson

One caveat which we saw last year with Telstra is that they did actually block all updates to Nexus phones even if not purchased from Telstra.


Ah yes, that slipped my mind – thanks for reminding me.

But, that’s more to do with the blocking mechanism that Google offers, rather than any overt request by Telstra.

Daniel Tyson

Not acceptable @kjmci!!! 😉


*enters shame spiral*

Gray Fox

That is what i was talking about I can understand if you brought it from them or the simcard in question is on a plan, but if it is a pre-paid they should have no right blocking the update.


And I say again, that’s an issue with the way Google restricts updates not an explicit request from Telstra.

Tiddles Magee

received mine Tuesday morning (13th). Has improved my battery life significantly with the new software detecting when the phone is not in use. Still hanging out for the 5x to come on sale =D


Got my update early this week, keen to see what happens form now on with the security updates.
my “Android security patch level” is “October 1, 2015”.

Piers Porter

I received marshmallow on Tuesday morning (WST). Wonder why they announce this days after the rollout started?


Got it a couple of days ago. Turnaround time was actually quite remarkable, and the new OS is running quite smoothly!


Pretty quick for Telstra.

Still,.. I side loaded the other week. Surprisingly battery life seems to have improved.

Avon Perera

Mine is horrendous at the moment. Had to charge 3 times yesterday : Can’t wait to get my hands on the 5X


My battery life has improved significantly. It’s actually quite a decent phone with Marshmallow (apart from the camera). You’re willing to pay Google $659 for the 5X next week?!

Avon Perera

Sure am. At this point I’m just desperate to replace my N5. Cracked screen, sticking power button, completely unreliable GPS and battery that doesn’t even last half a day. Your mileage may vary, but mine is nigh on useless these days to me

Tiddles Magee

the new software will help improve battery life, especially if you spend a lot of the day with it on the desk at work. Using the acceleratometer (cant spell), it detects when its not moving for a period of time and shuts of services. Txts and calls etc will still push through however


OFN. Received it on the N5 yesterday morning.