Google Ubiquity

Following in the tradition of the Chrome and now Android annual developer summit Google has announced the schedule for their new Ubiquity Dev Summit for Google’s connected device and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Google describes the event as a way to “Join fellow IoT developers and technologists for this inaugural event full of deep, technical content and networking with Google engineers and thought leaders in the industry”

Whilst Google’s physical IoT product range may be small they have included quite a few of their platforms as part of their IoT summit with Google placing Android TV, Wearables (Android Wear?) Android Auto, Project Tango, Brillio, Weave, Beacons (Eddystone) and the Cloud all on the schedule.

If you’re interested in attending and you’re going to be near The Strand Theater in San Francisco on the 11 – 12 of January 2016 you can still register to attend for free. However, if you’re not going to be nearby then the conference will be live streamed and you can sign up for updates here.

Google Seems to have found a successful developer engagement model with the Dev Summits, with Google IO seemly taking the role of a central announcement mechanism for major developments and new platforms and the individual Dev Summits providing more in-depth access for specific Google properties. With Google’s quickly growing number of development platforms, this would seem to be a good strategy.

With the release of two OnHub Routers and the announcements of Brillo, Weave and Eddystone at Google IO 2015 it will be interesting to see if Google makes any new IoT announcements. Many have speculated that the OnHub was a Trojan Horse for sneaking a Google IoT router into customers homes so it is possible that it may feature as a key piece of their overall plan. With Ausdroid’s Dan Tyson in possession of at least one OnHub, we’ll be able to test out any potential new features, if they come.

Have you been waiting for Google to actually announce an IoT strategy? What do you think they, if anything, will announce at the Ubiquity Dev Summit?

Source: Google.