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We know that Samsung are nearly ready with their updates for some of their flagship phones with a leak in November showing their roadmap for rollout. The phones that are due to get the update and we know are close include the S6 and S6 Edge which some UK users are receiving and the Note 5 which seems to have been accidentally delivered to one user also in November.

There’s some (at this time) unsubstantiated information that has been delivered to MobiPicker showing the renewed timeline for the flagship devices showing the rollout beginning in February and completed in April for devices including the Note 4, Note Edge, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and of course the Note 5. How accurate these claims are will be confirmed across the coming few weeks if unlocked Note 5 and S6 range of phones start seeing the updates.


If you’re on one of the listed devices, have you stuck with stock or have you switched ROM to get Marshmallow before the OTA drops?

Source: MobiPicker.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.
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What about tablets???


I wouldn’t be counting my chickens. We are still waiting on the Nov Dec and Jan “monthly” security updates for the unbranded Galaxy S5 (900i). Samsung promises, up there with the politicians.

And as indicated the S5 code is incorrect. So this is another fake.


So is SM-G900I WHICH IS THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION, I was told by Samsung that the “I” IS FOR INTERNATIONAL VERSION. ALSO “F” IS REGIONAL USING INTERNATIONAL PHONE SO THEY CAN SHARE UPDATES. WHICH I HAVE DONE FROM EUROPE. SORRY FOR CAPS. you’d think that they would update all the international versions first, then follow regions.


Galaxy S5 is SM-G900F. The SM-N900G is Note 3. So no, I wouldn’t believe the source at all.

Jamie S

Still stock no Root on my Note 5. As Danny Glover said in Lethal weapon, “I’m getting too old for this (ROM) s#*t”