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As part of Safer Internet Day, Google has again started offering 2GB of bonus Google Drive storage to users who complete a security check-up. This is the second year that Google has run this promotion to draw attention to securing your online identity.

Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for people to assess their online security, from their use of social media to addressing hot topics such as cyberbullying. Every year, Safer Internet Day addresses a single topic to focus attention on, this year it’s “Play your part for a better internet”, reminding everyone that we all have a role to play.

As one of the leaders in the shaping of the internet, Google is abreast of topics such as these and encourages everyone to look into their own online habits. Google Australia has addressed Safer Internet Day on their blog, reminding parents of the need to talk to their children about online privacy.

Las year, Google announced a grant which would allow child safety group The Alannah and Madeline Foundation to help young Australians better understand their online world. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation are offering a free e-Smart Digital License to every year six student in Australia. The ‘Digital License’ ensures students understand how to use digital devices, social networking and search engines, as well as how to interact with friends and strangers, manage their finances and create and share information online safely.

Since launching the initiative more than 100,000 children across Australia have already taken the test, and it’s still open to year six students until April 10. Teachers can still register their class for free through the Smart Digital License website.

Free space!

So, how do you get your free 2GB of space? The process is easy, simply follow this link to the security check-up, complete the check-up and instantly be rewarded with your free storage. Unlike many other bonus data gifts form cloud storage companies the Security check-in bonuses seem to be permanent meaning you won’t find yourself with too much data due to storage space expiring. The check-up takes you through your recovery information, devices that are connected to your Google account, apps and services that are authorised to access your Google account and your 2 factor authentication settings if you have it enabled, which you should.

Security check up 2016 header

If you have multiple accounts don’t forget to try this on all of your accounts. I have tried on 3 of my accounts but at present only one of them has the additional storage showing, hopefully the other 2 are coming. Head on over to your drive storage and see if it worked fro you.

bonus data

Did you do a security check-up? Did you find anything you’d forgotten or out of the ordinary?

Source: Google.
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A quick and easy exercise – also an opportunity to do a bit of tidying up regarding some apps that I no longer use that I had previously granted a measure of access to my Google account.
Thanks for the heads-up – I’m not sure I’d have noticed otherwise (other than from Android Police or Android Authority that is, although it’s good to see Ausdroid is also on the ball).

Darren Ferguson

Only works if you didn’t do it last year. Still at 102GB.


Check again, I got both. Just like the picture in the article.

Darren Ferguson

Cheers. I checked online and I indeed have an extra 2GB. Looks like the app on my computer hadn’t updated yet.

Gregory Williams

Awesome thanks for the tip! I would have missed this for sure!