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Google has announced today that they will be expanding Android Pay into the United Kingdom in “the next few months”. Google also announced back in December that Australia would be getting Android Pay in “the first half of 2016”, so it looks like we are now embroiled in a race to the register with our UK friends for who will get Android Pay first!!

As with the Australian market release Google have announced eight UK financial institutions as launch partners, including Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, MBNA and Nationwide Building Society. Australia has a fairly large UK expat contingent – that’s right it’s nicer out here in the “Colony” – so many of you may be able to try it out on your next trip “home”.

Google also took the time to through a few numbers our way spruiking that Android Pay is seeing 1.5 million new registrations every month. Google is continuing to add more bricks and mortar partners and online services into the Android Pay product, hopefully by the time it is live in Australia there will be a rich ecosystem for us to tap into.

Are you looking forward to Android Pay? If you Bank doesn’t support Android Pay will that be enough for you to change banks? Let us know below

Source: Google.
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So it looks like the UK won the race to getting Android Pay available before us… come on banks… whats the hold up??… H1 2016 is almost over!


Love it… “embroiled in a race”
Guess this will show whose banks are the most nimble… would be a pity for the old banking establishments in the motherland to show up the young banks here.

vijay alapati

can you please confirm if this will work on rooted device?