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For anyone who hasn’t yet played with it or done any reading, Android N has “Direct Replies” which allow users to reply to messages on various apps from the notification, without the need to open the app first. The problems are that Android N isn’t particularly widespread at this point and theres no requirement for developers to enable the functionality despite it being there.

The good news is that there are a number of applications that are starting to implement Direct Reply anyway. Unsurprisingly one of the first was Google with Hangouts and now following suit is Facebook Messenger. The update will be available to users in about a week; of if you’re keen to get a look now you could always join the Beta testers program for Messenger.

If you’re using Android N, will direct replies for messenger make life easier for you?

Source: Facebook Messenger Beta Program.
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Adam Williams

that involves having to install the messenger app, which gives you pretty broad and creepy rights to your phone to facebook, including the ability to listen to anything you say on your microphone when it is in use. PASS

Adam J

And if you happen to try using Messenger through the mobile web interface, it constantly deep links you out to the app on the Play Store… it’s a PITA.