When you’re looking at a solid, reliable phone but don’t want to spend the $800 or more it takes to put a flagship in your pocket Oppo have an option for you – The R7s.

When we reviewed it in March it fared well on our rather picky standards. The Camera is good, the battery life is excellent and VOOC Charging is unbelievably quick. With 4GB of memory onboard and slot for MicroSD card, the R7s ticks a lot of boxes that users look for in a high range phone (except for the Snapdragon 615) but at a budget friendly price.

Right now you can pick one up from JB Hifi for $399 which is a bargain for anyone looking for a device in this range or perhaps a second/backup phone.

Would the sub $400 price tag tempt you to try an Oppo R7s?

Source: JB Hifi.
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The thing that annoys me about such phones is there is no reason there shouldn’t be an 820 in there. The difference in BoM price between the two chipsets is a few tens of dollars, with basically no other differences. The only reason companies persist in using underpowered CPUs is because they still want a market to exist for their overpriced ‘flagships’.

Even with the dollar where it is, there’s no excuse for phones to be over $500.

Max Luong

I had a look yesterday. The build quality is amazing but I found the phone slow by modern standards.

ColorOS and lack of NFC also strike it off the list. Have they released their AOSP ROM for this phone?

Palo Verde

Color OS 2.x is so ugly.


615 is a disaster , have tried xiaomi mi4i and another (can’t remember) , both were slouch , can’t pay 400 for getting frustrated


Wish it had NFC


Only thing holding me back is the OPPO Find 9 possibly being announced in August, that’ll probably be better supported. I don’t want to spend $400 for a phone that may or may not even get nougat, relying on ROMs to stay up to date