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Bargain hunters head over to Google Play to grab this weeks App and Game Deal of the Week, which this week gets you a great looking fitness app and a board game you can play on AndroidTV.

App Deal of the Week
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Pocket Workouts Champion
If you’re wanting to work on that beach body in time for swimsuit season, now is the time to get started and Pocket Workouts Champion is a good way to start toning up.

The app contains a collection of over 250 routines in seven categories – strength, high burn, combat, abs, stretching, yoga and microworkouts – which you can carry in your pocket with offline storage for you to use anywhere. The app looks a little dated, but functionally it seems right up there and it’s been updated as recently as the 23rd of June this year.

This app, and the associated website: darebee.com, is developed by an ‘independent fitness resource run and maintained by a small group of volunteers and fitness enthusiasts’. The website contains workouts, suggested meal plans and a heap more. According to Darebee: ‘there are no hidden links or sign-ups – everything is available in high quality and is free to access and download, no strings attached’.

There’s a free version of this app, but this version supports the resource and their fundraising efforts, which after a brief look through the website, I`ll be using a lot more.

If you want to start, head over to Google Play and grab the app for just 20c now.

Pocket Workouts Champion
Pocket Workouts Champion
Developer: DAREBEE
Price: $0.99

Game Deal of the Week
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Love a good tile based board game? Carcassonne is worth a look.

Carcassonne is a turn-by-turn based strategy game, which sees you create a world with tiles that represent roads, cities, fields, and cloisters and then deploy ‘meeples’ consisting of knights, monks, thieves, or farmers to earn points. Earn enough points and you win.

The game has a free add-on – The River II – but also includes expansion packs if you want to pay for them, with IAP priced between $1.35 – $5.99 per item.

If you think Carcassonne is for you, then head over to Google Play and install it now.

Developer: Exozet
Price: $1.48+

For me this week I’ve already bought Pocket Workouts Champion it’s an awesome idea and product, or at least it does at first glance I’ll be looking at it in more depth though.

If you’re a bargain hunter though, White Noise and Zenge, last weeks app and game deal of the week are still priced at just 20c each.

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