pixel phone

The careful coordination of multiple product lines across multiple divisions in a large corporation like Google must be hard. In 2013 we got an early look at the Nexus 5 when someone uploaded a photo of a Googler using his new Nexus 5 to snap a photo of the KitKat statue. Today it looks like Nests Netherlands branch has released a new TV commercial for Nest products, and what device do you think they were using to control the Nest app? That’s right it looks an awful lot like the new Google Pixel.

We’ll let you be the final judge, but comparing that front image to the front panel that leaked a few days ago all the holes are in the right place. Moving around the back and it features the anticipated metal bottom and white glass upper section as is anticipated on the silver variant.

All in all, we’d say that considering Nest’s ties to Google, and the significant similarities this looks to be the real deal.

Check out the video and see what you think, just a warning, its a recording of a TV screen, so it’s not great.

Source: Android Police.