So with hype of this mornings #MadeByGoogle event beginning to subside and sink in, we here at Ausdroid thought we would ask you, our readers, if you would consider purchasing either the Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone?

To be honest, there has been some debate and discussion going on between the writers and editors as to whether Google have done the right thing to price the Pixel phones so steeply and if they have also done the right thing essentially killing off the Nexus brand of phones going forward.

So we wanted to see what you thought through a poll and see where you stand. So, cast your votes. We would like to ask that if you wish to add anything in the comments field be ‘nice’, we’re not here to attack each other, it’s all personal opinion and like certain parts of the anatomy: Everyone has one.

So to Pixel or Not to Pixel, that is the question essentially! Now go vote below!

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Nizar Noor

Preordered the 5″ one. Can’t wait for it to ship!


I have the money easily and was all set to immediately order yesterday morning then I saw the Pixel price and went “F$%# no”

Clyde Jones

I would have got one on a plan (if Optus stocked it). But I have no desire to switch to Telstra, and just can’t afford to buy one outright.

Hopefully the V20 is released here, otherwise it’ll be a 6P on the cheap, or just wait longer and see which Nougat ready phones come out over the next few months.

Max Luong

I bought a black 128GB Pixel from the Aussie Play Store. My Z3C is 2 years old now and out of support, even running the Concept ROM. So it was time for an upgrade. I’ll miss the waterproofness and the size, though. ๐Ÿ™

Not sure why people are whingeing about the price, it’s the same as any Apple/Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony at launch. It’s the same as any pre-N4 Nexus.


No it isn’t. My N6 was 860 much less than the 1200 odd they want now.
The pixel is also missing waterproofing, wireless charging, SD slot, is plain and dull and a smaller screen. It is a backward step for me.
Happy you are happy though, in the end all that matters is if you buy it you are happy.

Max Luong

Not going to lie, losing the waterproofing hurts, but the others I don’t care about. The screen is too big IMO. To each, his own.


My Nexus 6P was a lot lower than the AUD1200 odd price tag that comes with the Pixel.

Max Luong

I *did* say pre-N4 Nexus.

And the Pixel is a bit more than a development device used to showcase AOSP. I’m happy to spend the premium for a more cohesive hardware/software experience.

Jamie S

So 20% of readers are going to get one at these prices. I guess if and when the prices drop more people may jump on board depending on the reviews and what else becomes available. I really wanted to love these phones but I just can’t as I don’t see value for money.

Stephen Crisafulli

Price Price Price and no big new cool feature from the 6P

Gregory Eden

They just cost way too much


Not this year, I only upgraded to a new phone in January.

I will buy a pixel next though, probably next october.


I would love one. But don’t have that kind of money upfront. I would get one on a plan in a heartbeat, but not on Telstra. I make a lot of international calls to a country Telstra doesn’t bother with, so their plans both suck and are expensive. So that’s me out. Disappointing. Great phone, but no way to justify buying it.

Glyn Stuckey

Does anyone know if the Google Store Financing option is available in Australia? Will be about the only way I can afford one..


get a cheap credit card just for the phone, buy a cheap sim from somewhere around 30 bucks should be cheaper than going on any of the Telstra plans over 24months with better data amounts


It’s a real shame that they are so expensive. I’ve been waiting for these new phone, but undecided as if I want to spend that much. I hope they get the feedback and reconsider the prices…I doubt though ๐Ÿ™

IT Enquirer

Not at those outrageous prices!

$300 more than the US equivalent after currency adjustment.

The multinational corporate “Australia tax” strikes again.


Your calculations are wrong. Use the banks exchange rate at about .72 or .73 then add 20% GST and the difference is within 100


You know GST is 10% right?

Jesus Machine

Not at that price. Glad I picked up a Nexus 6p 2 weeeks ago at a discount. Here’s hoping they give us Android O next year for the last 2 Nexus devices, 5X and 6P.


The unlimited cloud storage for photos is the most appealing thing about the Pixel phones, and that isn’t even a phone feature! My Nexus 5 is desperately needing to be replaced and I was holding out to see what the Pixel range looked like, but it is just too expensive. I suspect I will just buy a 6P from Kogan or similar. I prefer the size of the 5X, but nothing else about it. And the other appealing mid range phones all suffer from being supplied by manufacturers with very poor histories of supplying security updates, let alone OS updates.… Read more ยป


Just buy a 6p …. save yourself $700 …upgrade your Google storage plan… save yourself .a 1Tb plan will only cost you $120 a year…… and over 2 years you are still $450 better off

Russell Cook

I have just bought the Huawei Honor Note 8. A beautiful phone. With Smart Launcher 3 and Google play apps installed it’s lovely and smooth with what looks like great battery life. I need to use the camera to see how it compares with the Nexus 6P but if close it will be a keeper. With the recent eBay 15% off sale. A grey import cost me $550 for the 128GB version. The Pixel XL just doesn’t come close in value for money at over $1400 for the comparable storage model.


1. Costs way to much for me, when you can get 90% of the experience for half the price.
3. My heart wants one, my wallet says no…

Bhavik Singh

ONLY OS UPDATES FOR 2 YEARS!?!?! Even though they might slow down your phone it is nice to know that your phone can support the latest updates, especially if it is running stock android. They should especially be giving AT LEAST 4 YEARS OF SOFTWARE UPDATES since it is THE SAME PRICE AS THE IPHONE 7. The hardware and software is great, but only for 2 years! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I was planning to get this over the iPhone 7 or the HTC 10 or the Note 7 but now I am not sure since Apple updates the… Read more ยป


I’d consider it at the same price as they are paying for it in the US, but not at the almost 300 aussie dollars more that we are forced to accept.


I think I’ll wait for a few reviews to go up first and they hype to die down before I decide whether to pull the trigger. I’m pretty stoked with the camera on my S7 edge, if the Pixel can improve on that then it must be a beauty. There’s something about the look of the Pixel – I’m really not sure if I like it or not.


like most people i won’t be buying one at that price, BUT i did choose the “buy one outright” option from the poll. the nexus 6p was ~$1099 at launch and is currently going for about half that on kogan. buying flagships a year after they launch is where it’s at IMO.


I don’t mind paying a premium for a cutting edge, high quality device. I have no idea what Google is thinking. Please tell me what is high end about it? How does Google go BACKWARDS in phone design. How do they then charge EVEN MORE for it.

I am astonished. What’s actually good about the Poxel? Please someone tell me. Please.

Lee Hall

Speed, camera, google assistant (though maybe all phones will get this?), daydream ready. It sounds like a solid phone to me, if I hadn’t just bought a moto z i’d likely buy one, as I usually get the nexus phones.


Pretty sure the camera is going to be the best currently in a smart phone. Just not sure it is going to be that much better. The processor is computationally powerful, but to an extent anyone will actually notice? I am quite happy with my 2 year old N6, it’s quite fast. Daydream – how is it so much better than cardboard? Yet seemingly no water resistance. Small screens. No wireless charging. It’s just so…meh.


Unlimited hard drive in the cloud for full res photos and vids for eternity.

Don’t even think about using it to stash all your porm. Most people just stream them and never watch them again more than once.

Shakeel Ali

Well i guess you could say the current best camera on a smartphone, big high resolution AMOLED screens, metal build, large battery (In the XL), the latest and greatest version of Android, Google Assistant, unlimited cloud storage for photos, 24×7 Support through Chat, Daydream ready hardware etc etc. All of that seems like a pretty high end package from any manufacturer. Yes Samsung and others may focus on chintzy marketing style features, and yes i agree that they should have made it waterproof and given it an SD card slot, but really this phone isnt any less premium than the… Read more ยป


You make some great points, maybe I am just out of luck with what I value in a phone. I find it interesting that you mentioned chintzy marketing though… Google has been offering extended phone support for a very long time. My experience was a bug that cripples my use of my N6 after the first update (5.1) to the device that to this day was never corrected. They sent me a new device that boot looped at first update. Then they had no more replacement devices. I got a full refund and fit to keep the phone to which… Read more ยป


As a pilot flagship from Google, I guess we were all kind of expecting Google to go all out – especially with features already prevalent in most top-end handsets in 2016. They did however go all out with the price! Which itself isn’t necessarily a negative, that is until they tied it in exclusivity with arguably the most expensive carrier in Australia. Unlike other premium flagships from Apple and Samsung which are attainable on a variety of providers (and hence price points) I frankly don’t see how the Pixel phones can ever gain traction with the mainstream.

James Finnigan

I was really excited about the Really Blue model. It looks gorgeous, but I cannot justify that price. Sad ๐Ÿ™

Daniel Adams

I just pre-orderd mine through JBHIFI, I was able to get a 8.5% discount off gift cards. Made it a little bit cheaper… Plus I had already sold my 6p ๐Ÿ™‚


How much did you get for your 6p?

Daniel Adams



It’s not the price for me since I’m actually thinking of getting the Note 7 when it’s back on the shelf. It’s the smaller screen size; still holding on to my N6, departure from wireless charging, not being waterproof, and no micro SD storage. Sorry Google! Nice iPhone but no sale.


Yep I am still on my faulty N6, hoping the rumours were missing a whole heap of other devices. VS the N6:

– too small screen size
– wireless charging
– water resistance
– quality stereo forward firing speakers
– Poxel costs even more

+ fingerprint reader

Just jack up the price to sell more? I think every other flagship runs rings around it. Hello Note 7!

Lee Hall

Each to their own on wireless charging I guess. It’s really convenient to be able to to just put your phone down, but personally I don’t like it because as soon as I pick my phone up off a wireless charger it’s not charging anymore. Now that usb c cables are around, and less fiddly than old micro usb, i much prefer that.


I hung on to my N6 for a long time because of wireless charging. Then I bit the bullet and got a 6P and the fantastic battery life means I don’t need to worry about charging quite so much.

I vote “No I won’t buy one here”. I always buy outright rather than on-plan, and Voda has said they won’t carry the Pixel anyway. I never say never but certainly for the next 6-9 months I’ll hang on to the 6P.


Can’t see the poll in the app, am I missing something? Would put up with the price if it had the following: wireless charging, waterproofing, higher base storage (as no micro sd) and came on Vodafone. No way am I paying telstra nearly a hundred bucks a month, with no international minutes, and 3gb of data! That’s robbery. As an aside, my above requirements pretty much lock me to Samsung (who I actually like, aside from the terrible update situation)

Fred Nerk

Nope, the price is ridiculous and along with nothing ground breaking tech-wise, a deal breaker. Had the same drama last year with lacklustre 5X battery and overly sized 6P so guess my trusty old LG G2 (which still ticks most boxes on CM13 and pending CM14) will keep on going.

I reckon the OP3, SG7 and the HTC 10 will only benefit in popularity from this mornings announcements as as well.

Brad H.

Like I said in a previous thread, not a chance – and my reasonings aren’t just based on price. I’d happily cough up if I liked the design and UI – but I just do not.

Dennis Bareis

Screen too small and phone to expensive, will wait for next year (hopefully with Tango) or perhaps buy something else.


I was looking forward to a Pixel XL since my LG G3 is getting a bit old in the tooth but at these prices I can’t justify the expense. I purchased an i7 laptop with 15″ touch screen for less than the price of the Pixel XL. Oh well, maybe a Nexus 6P. Very disappointed!

Dean Rosolen

Not at that price. Probably when/if the blue one makes it over here (which may also coincide with a price drop.

That said, my Nexus 5X is still going strong and it hasn’t reached EOL with Android OS updates yet so I’m leaning towards sticking with it for now.


Like most people I’ve decided not to get one with the price that high. A grey import might be possible, but I don’t think it will be that much cheaper.

Hoping that Google do a sale through JB again like they did with the Nexus last year and again the beginning of this year, that might drop it down to a more affordable price.

My Nexus 5 is showing its age though, so I might try and get a 6P before Christmas or check out a few Android 7 ROMs and see how they perform.


the 6P is still a great phone mate- i am considering keeping mine instead of getting a pixel (which says a lot). $1400 clams is a lot of money… it seems that is the standard price for flagships but i feel like Google have taken on an Apple persona and are trying to rip us. eg. going from 32gb to 128GB is an extra $150? WTH? It will struggle with the masses i suspect.


I’m hoping it flops and gets the reduction like the 5X did. I do really like the front facing speakers of the 6P and the bottom positioned jack on the 5X. I could buy 2 6Ps and a 5X (almost) for the price of that XL.

And yes, the $150 increase is crazy. I think it’s rather telling that the prices for the phones exactly match the price for the same iPhone, both here and the US (from what I read).


Yep, and who in their right mind would buy a Poxel when for pretty much the exact same money they can get an iPhone that will be maintained for likely 4 odd years instead of 2. I’ll have what Google is having please!

Lee Hall

Someone that prefers android over ios? ๐Ÿ™‚


What is a ‘Poxel’? I noticed someone use the same term in a previous comment, and a quick search shows three references to it. It also shows that all three are from ‘GregAndo’. Do you have some desperate need to use disparaging names and/or descriptions for anything but your own preferred brand? (Said brand apparently the manufacturer of a faulty, 2 year old N6 according to your previous comments, but I do not know enough about phones to have a clue what you are referring to.) In fact, why do you waste your time on multiple comments in this thread… Read more ยป

Lee Hall

Scott do you think nexus phones will eventually have the pixel launcher and google assistant or will it be exclusive to pixel phones? Do you think the final version of the pixel launcher will make it to the app store?

Satwik Kamatmehbro

Not at that price.


Yep, buying one outright. I want immediate updates.

Paul Walker

Like many people here I’m a long time Nexus lover but at this price point the answer is Hell No!


Definitely not at the prices they are asking for.

My Z3C is two years old, so it’s theoretically phone replacement time, but it’s still going strong, and the Xperia X Compact is also priced outside of mid-range prices. I might not upgrade after all.


if you are looking for decent mid range prices- look at alcatel, Axon 7 as well, or maybe Huawei Mate 8 or P9….


Unfortunately, the phones you suggested are too big for my liking. Ideally, my next phone would maintain the same physical dimensions, if possible. That effectively rules out every other phone bar the Sony Compacts. I might consider one with a 5″ screen size, but I’ll need to have a feel of it and be able to fit it into my pockets first.


At this price point, I think I will wait to compare the pixel with galaxy S8, it should not be much longer

Daniel Tyson

Yeah, we all know I`ll get both of them. A Really Blue Pixel is on my wishlist for my trip to the states in November – a little bit cheaper than AU pricing fortunately.


Get your orders in everyone. Dan said he’ll buy for every Ausdroid reader!

Daniel Tyson

Hah. I’d be divorced real fast.


Really disappointed at the Telstra exclusivity. Think that’s a pretty poor decision from the Google peeps given flagship exclusivity in Australia is non-existent. I know it’s a thing in the states but a good way to annoy consumers here.

Edit: I am considering still getting it… just got to find a way to come up with the cash to purchase outright. It comes out to be cheaper than going to Telstra with the Optus $40/mth plan over the space of two years. By my calculation, anyway.


Vote should really be how long before the price falls to a realistic level. I’d expect a christmas sale that never goes up again.

Daniel Tyson

They haven’t historically dropped prices on Google Store until just before new models. The retail is exclusive to JB so it should remain static for quite a while, at least until grey importers get hold of them.


Bought a Nexus 6P this morning after reading the news. Could handle the price point if it came with a commitment to update the phone longer than 2 years. Just seems opportunistic after Nexus.

Telstra exclusivity kills it a well.


Telstra killed it for me. I would get one on a plan with another provider but the Telstra “we have the best network” tax makes it not worth it for me. My contract will be up on April so we’ll see what comes next from Samsung, HTC et al.

Newcastle Guardian

Then there’s no guarantee that Telstra won’t be adding their style “Bloatware”, and will Telstra allow direct Android updates, rather than stalling them like they do with other phones.


Out of interest, where did you source your 6P, as I’ll likely do the same? There are loads of sellers out there, although not all reputable…


DWI. Got a White 64GB for $600 all up.


Sweet, thanks.

Phillip Molly Malone

Your Poll didn’t really show my feelings about the phone. I’d buy one but its my Watch Year of purchasing not a Phone replacement year! So I had to say no which makes it sound that I’m not interested when I am.

Daniel Tyson

Thanks for replying in the comments, that’s the aim, get a bit of discussion going. Have you decided which watch?

Yianni soc

Yeah i decided on no Pixel, and upgrade the watch. I’ll wait for GS8 for the phone.
I went with Huawei watch to replace my LG G Watch R. Was going to go Gear S3, but read about lack of app support/control.


That price point!! – Deal breaker.