Coming up on Monday Australian time is the biggest sports event on the US calendar, the Super Bowl. There are many ways to watch it from Australia but many of these result in having to watch Australia’s boring ads. Every year though the companies release their ads to YouTube allowing everyone to continue to enjoy them forever. Google have released their Super Bowl commercial via their YouTube channel ahead of the big game.

As expected it is an ad focused on Google Home and is hardly creative nor funny but it does show the potential of Google Home. With Amazon’s Echo having a massive head start on Google Home through the large number of interactions available with Amazon’s Alexa Google need to start trying to make some inroads before it is too late. This ad at least gets Google Home into the mindset of the consumers out there.

Personally I was hoping for a Google Pixel ad so I am a bit disappointed but they may be making more than one. Google have become fairly good at marketing their products in the past year so we assume they have it all under control.

Be warned that the ad set off my Google Home so be prepared for that if you have a device running Google Assistant.

Source: YouTube.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Allan O'Rourke

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a placeholder or a troll listing to screw with people. Seems… un-superbowl-like.


Who cares about the superbowl ? Stupid game with a bunch of frilly frocks wearing a mountain of padding changing teams constantly and not even able to put the ball down properly.

Simon Gascoigne

I thought they wanted us to use “Hey Google” for the home?