With the launch of Daydream View, Google took their nascent VR platform from the cardboard era into the sweatpants era, and if you’ve never used Daydream at a demo booth trust me it earns the ‘sweat’ part of that name. While the soft and clothing like fabric choice may be nice against the face on your own unit sharing such a device can get a little, icky.

Enter replacement facepads from the Google Store. As of today, the Google Store is listing replacement facepads as “coming soon” to Australia for $20.99. At present only the Grey colour is listed both here and overseas, so if you’ve got the Crimson or Snow versions you’ll either have to play mix and match of just wait longer.

Apart from the hygiene aspects of the facepads, it’s also good to be able to have a replacement option if something dastardly happened to your original. If you want a spare Daydream View facepad start stalking the Google Store and if you see it go up for sale let us know.

Source: Gogole Store.
Via: Android Police.