One of the watches used in the Android Wear 2.0 (AW2.0) beta program was the Huawei Watch. It is thus surprising that the full stable version is yet to be rolled out to the watch officially. We have seen Fossil announce that it will arrive on their entire range by the end of March but nothing from Huawei themselves. Now news of a tweet from Huawei in Germany has confirmed that the rollout of AW2.0 to the Huawei Watch is due soon.

In a tweet sent out by Huawei Service Germany they confirmed that AW2.0 will be reaching Huawei Watch users by “late March”. We have long known it would be arriving but we are yet to see any evidence of when that would occur. We are yet to see any watches in Australia running AW2.0 so for this to roll out soon would be very welcome. AW2.0 brings a lot of changes to the Android Wear experience, including added functionality. Check out the Google AW2.0 announcement post if you would like to refresh yourself with what AW2.0 does bring.

Huawei announced two new watches at MWC 2017, both running AW2.0 and possibly did not want to cannibalise sales of these watches by releasing AW2.0 for their original Huawei Watch. Whatever the case, it’s release is imminent and will be very welcome for so many of us Huawei Watch users who are not big fans of the new Huawei Watch 2.

Do you have a Huawei Watch? Are you considering the Huawei Watch 2 versions so you can get AW2.0 or will you stick with the original Watch.

Source: Huawei Service Germany.
Via: Android Headlines.
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Hurry up!

Yianni soc

i have HW1 with the dev preview on it, and i’m hoping the official release is smoother. current dev build lags – i’m hoping that’s just because it’s dev build.
I won’t be going for the HW2. ugly imo. and they should have stuck with the 1.4″ screen. i had 1.2″ on my G Watch R and the difference is noticeable.

Interestingly the only watch that entices me atm is the Fossil Q Marshal.

Max Luong

The new one does nothing for me. They should’ve just kept with the original, refreshed the internals and added NFC.

FOMO got the better off me and I’ve been using the dev preview in my OG HW. As with anything Google, it’s two steps forward and one step back. But overall a good improvement.


Not rushing out to purchase Huawei Watch #2 because of the looks. Just wish HW#1 had NFC like my old Sony SmartWatch 3. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

Dan Goodes

I’m definitely not considering a HW2. I will stick with the OG Huawatch for the time being, until a compelling new device comes along – so far, all the offerings have issues I can’t justify.

I’m glad someone finally got an answer out of Huawei (I’ve been asking for a couple of weeks now) on when we can expect the final build – seems ridiculous that they had preview builds available for months, but the final build has taken this long.