One of the most frustrating things about Google Home is that the Assistant on there is very limited in what it can do. To hear it say “I’m sorry but I don’t know how to do that yet” or “I’m sorry but I don’t support that yet” makes you want to tear your hair out. Now it is set to change with Google Home finally being able to hand over tasks to Google Assistant on your phone.

For those who are not lucky enough to have a Google Home just yet, when you are using the “OK Google” command with more than one device in the area with Google Assistant, Google Home will hijack the task. This means that even a simple task such as “Set a reminder to…” that your phone would otherwise be able to do will go uncompleted as Google Home cannot perform that command.

Now it seems there is an update rolling out, and we say rolling out because it hasn’t made it to Dan’s Google Home just yet, that results in Google Home NO LONGER attempting to answer questions that it does not support. With the new update if you ask Google Home a question that it cannot answer it will hand that task off to another Google Assistant (assuming there is another in listening range).

I am assuming that both the Google Home and the Google Assistant on your phone need to be logged into the same account for this task to be carried out but have yet to test this out.

Now we just need a few other things namely, multiple accounts, ability to distinguish which Google Assistant I am asking the command of (sometimes I want my phone to show me the weather, not Google Home), and of course the ability to buy Google Home here in Australia would not go astray.

Do you have a Google Home? Does this work for you yet?

Source: XDA Developers.
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Major Sceptic

Yeah its quite handy , although im not invested in the turn stuff on and off so much(although i wouldnt mind it ) , i was sort of more looking forward moreso to having my phone a bit more integrated into the system ,calendar schedule , sending sms messages and stuff , i think its still a bit limited , but it has not been out that long and no doubt it will get better . In the morning i say , ” hey google good morning ” it replies good morning Michael ” and tells me the weather and… Read more ยป

Marco Kelly

I own a google home and I love it without a doubt. This update is going in the right direction towards the google home making phone calls and sending messages while protecting your privacy at the same time. Currently I do not have the update yet but I don’t mind patiently waiting because in the mean time there’s so much to do and control with my Google home so before I know it I’ll have the update . Oh thanks for the well written article I had my eyes glued to the words .

Gregory Williams

Does it have an Australian accent and where did you purchase it from?


Not officially however a couple of days ago I was asking home to play ABC classical FM, home responded to me that it couldn’t find the station but did so using an Australian accent.

Gregory Williams

Thanks for the reply Chris. Can’t wait to get my hands on one when it’s officially released here.