Android has some beautiful features to it and the ability to quickly and easily change the behaviour of the OS is just one of them. Nova launcher is one of the leaders in this field well exceeding 10 million installs and with their latest Beta update, they’re adding a taste of Android O.

The addition is one of the announced features at Google I/O a few weeks ago, Notification Dots. The function is essentially IF you have outstanding notifications on an app, THEN display a coloured dot on the app icon as a visual notification that there is something there for your to view.

To have access to this as noted you will need to be on Beta, but once there and the latest build is on your device you’ll see notification badges have appeared where you can add the notification badges.

So if you’re using Nova Launcher Prime and think you might like a chance to check out the Beta functions, then sign up here.

Will you be checking out Nova’s Beta to get early access to the Notification dots?

Source: Nova Launcher G+.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.