Every week the different mobile providers are trying something different to entice new users onto their networks. Today Optus have come up with a new one which looks enticing, not just for the referrer but also the referee.

Optus are calling the offer the EOFY family and friends offer. Existing, eligible customers can apply to refer friends or family (or others) and are giving unique validation codes for their friends to take up the offer. At most a person can refer three people only with a $50 credit being applied for each customer referred. The referred customer at the same time will receive a decent 25% discount off their monthly plan when they sign up to a 24 month plan.

The credit is applied after the referred mobile service has been active for thirty days. The credit will be received by August 14, 2017. To the referred customers, the 25% discount applies to the monthly plan only, not handset repayments and is valid for 24 months or until they change or cancel their plan.

The offer applies only when the referred customer signs to a new plan (it can be an existing customer but needs to be a new mobile service, not a recontracting of a current service). The new plan must be a new “Postpaid Mobile service on a M2M or 12M SIM Only plan or a handset on a 24M My Plan Plus or leasing a phone on a My Plan Flex Plan”.

With the offer ending on the 25th June, 2017 it is important you act soon. At this rate there will most likely something from one of the other providers in the next couple of weeks but at this stage the credit and discounts make the Optus offer a decent one. If you are with Optus go and get those codes for your friends and if you are looking to join Optus go and find yourself a code!

Source: Optus.