Good news for the Boys and Girls in Blue and their families, with Police Credit Union adding Android Pay support for their customers.

The updated Police Credit Union website is advising their customers that they can now add their SoLo and extralite Visa credit cards to the Android Pay app. The usual caveats for Android Pay are in place, you can make purchases up to $100 by simply tapping your phone, but you’ll need to authorise purchases over $100 by entering you PIN.

Google hasn’t updated their Support page or Participating Banks page on the Android Pay website to include Police Credit Union as yet, but it’s definitely working – at least according to Police Credit Union.

The inclusion of a new bankCredit Union is timely given that Google is running a new promotion which gives new Android Pay users the chance to win gift vouchers simply by either adding a new card, or tapping and paying.

If you’re a Police Credit Union customer, head over to Google Play, download the app and start by adding your card.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Police Credit Union.
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    Is it the QLD Police credit union?