For home automation enthusiasts a new partner is now showing up in Google Home, with Yeelight Actions now available to setup.

Previously you’ve had to integrate your Yeelight setup through IFTTT, but as promised earlier this year you can now do it natively through the Google Home app. The Yeelight Actions control is showing up in the Google Home app under Home Control, simply hit the (+) button and scroll all the way to the bottom to add in any existing Yeelights you have setup.

Yeelight is a line of lights from Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi, and as you’d expect the bulbs are quite decently priced even if you have to order them in from overseas. There’s a number of different types of Yeelight available, though you’ll find they’re only available in Edison Screw (E27). Never fear though you an get an Edison Screw to Bayonet Cap (B22) adapter for just $2.95 from Ikea. Yeelights don’t require a hub, they simply connect to your home Wi-Fi network

Yeelights come in both standard White and RGB, as well as a 2 metre RGB LED strip light, or if you just want a bedside lamp you can get one of those too – bear in mind you’ll need a power adapter for the last two.

A quick shop around shows BangGood is pretty cheap at the moment for all the lights and if you use the code BGAFF7 you’ll get a bonus 7% off:

The bulbs are cheap enough for me to grab a couple and add them to my already mixed smart light setup at home. I’ve currently got Philips Hue and LifX bulbs, but I’m keen to try out these as well. I’ve added a couple to the basket and can’t wait to see how they perform.

Note: The links to BangGood are affiliate links which help to support the running of Ausdroid. You pay no extra, and BangGood sling us a dollar or two for the link.

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    cloud service is just trash. espically when China is related. with their “internet wall”, nohting will work


    Is the Mijia lamp compatible?


    You included the Yeelight Bedside Lamp in your list – but AFAICT that’s not Wi-Fi but Bluetooth, and cannot be controlled by Google Home. The product page does not claim Open API or IFTTT support like it does for the others. Are you sure it should be mentioned in this article?


    Hi Dan. When you get your Yeelight from BangGood, are you willing to write a short article on the experience? From the time you ordered, to delivery (how long did the delivery take) to installation/configuration and how it works. I wouldn’t mind buying a few of these but I have never bought anything from BangGood before so I am unsure of the experience.

    Ben Dover

    lol 2 months ago – and still nothing …