First there was one, then two. Eventually a third showed it’s face, and now a fourth Mate 10 variant has surfaced, and it’s display is different yet again.

In the past few days we have seen front displays of the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro leak as well as a full render of the Mate 10 Lite. Those three variants account for the “Marcel” (Mate 10), the “Blanc” (Pro), and the “Rhone” (Lite) but there was still nothing of the “Alps” as detailed by Evan Blass on VentureBeat.

Now it seems the Alps has finally made an appearance with its display assembly being leaked by Twitter leaker Roland Quandt. The display assembly shows what seems to be a 16:9 display aspect ratio WITHOUT a fingerprint sensor on the bezel as per the Mate 10. This is likely to the the Huawei Mate 10 Plus variant that we have seen rumoured around the traps.

According to Evan Blass on VentureBeat the Alps (Mate 10 Plus) will arrive with a 2,560 x 1,440, 5.88 inch 16:9 display. It will come with the Kirin 970 just as the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro do and has the same battery and camera system as the Mate 10. There is only a 4GB RAM/64GB version and is slightly thicker. The thickness was thought to be due to a smaller display and thus a thicker battery but could also be because the fingerprint sensor is most likely on the back and not the front.

So a quick summary, the Mate 10 Lite is the G10 internationally, and bares little resemblance to other Mate 10 variants. The Mate 10 is an 18:9 flat 2K display phone with the fingerprint sensor on the front, on a very small bezel. The Mate 10 Pro is an 18:9 curved 2K AMOLED display phone with the fingerprint sensor on the front, UNDERNEATH the display, with extremely small bezels. The Mate 10 Plus is a 16:9 LCD 2K display phone with the fingerprint sensor apparently on the back but with smaller RAM and onboard storage amounts. All this is rumoured of course and we will find out the definite details on October 16.

So that is four Mate 10 variants. It looks like Huawei are in fact very confident with the Mate lineup and are thus going all in on it. It is unclear which of these will make it to Australia but with so many variants they cover a large range of the smartphone market. If Huawei want more brand recognition not just for themselves but also for the Mate series; releasing four different Mate 10 phones may just help with that attention. They’ve got my attention, how about you?

Source: Roland Quandt.
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Allan Thomas

I’m inclined to buy the Mate 10 Pro, but only if there is a guarantee of at least two years of prompt OS and security upgrades. Otherwise, l think that I’ll buy the Pixel 2 XL