It looks like there’s now a great reason to put a Google Home in your kitchen, with Google Home (and Mini) now able to help you with your cooking.

Cooking with Google Home launched in the US earlier this year, but at the time it was a US-only feature. Put simply, next time you’re searching recipes on Google you can now choose to send the recipe to Google Home, and then have Home step you through the recipe.

In Australia it appears that there’s quite a few websites you can send recipes to Google Home from, with recipes from Taste, AllRecipes, Delicious, Inspired Taste, IQuitSugar and many more all showing the ‘Send to Google Home’ option. It’s only appearing for me on mobile, but as with most of these things, your mileage may vary. Once you choose to send a recipe to your Google Home, you’ll be instructed how to start the recipe – by simply saying ‘Ok (Hey) Google, Start Recipe’ but it also works with ‘Hey (Ok) Google, Start Cooking’.

If you lose track of what you’re cooking, you can also go into your Google Home app and you’ll find the activity listed there with a link to the recipe you were trying to cook.

It’s worked well so far and I know I’ll be trying this out this weekend, because now I’m craving Choc-mint Cheesecake. Try it out yourself and see how you go.

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    Have been desperate for this feature to appear!! I have gone through most of the sites listed in the article and couldn’t see any recipes with the option to select “SEND TO GOOGLE HOME” 🙁
    Some screen shots would be really appreciated!