The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is one of, if not the, best looking phones I have ever laid eyes on. How could this be improved on? How about giving the phone to the Porsche Design team to add their panache to? Now Aussies can register their expressions of interest in purchasing one.

At first when the Porsche Design Mate 10 was announced we were told that it would not be seen Downunder but since then Huawei have changed their mind and today set a date for sales to Australia.

Beginning December 4 limited stock of the Limited Edition Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 will be available for purchase for the princely sum of $1899 at selected retailers.

At $1899 Huawei are certainly marketing the Porsche Edition of their latest flagship as the premium of the premium and it’s specs and design match. It has the same Kirin 970 processor and 6GB of RAM as the Mate 10 Pro but has more onboard storage at 256GB.

The externals feature Porsche race track stripes that combine the rear camera with the other components in the phone. The UI is also themed to match the Porsche Design styling. The phone comes with premium packing and a leather case with ‘exclusive accessories and VIP member services’.

For those interested head on over to the Huawei website for more information and the Porsche Design Huawei website to register your interest and with limited stock if you are keen this should be a certainty. After registering your interest you will receive an email the day before the product goes on sale confirming the time that stock will be available for purchase, and an additional alert as soon as the product is available to buy.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a great phone and if you are even remotely interested in a phone that is extremely similar but with slightly higher specs I suggest you head over to the websites and check them out. The Mate 10 Pro review will be published in the coming days so keep an eye out for that to see what you can expect from the Porsche Design Mate 10.

Source: Huawei Porsche Design.
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Way way way over priced Huawei is not recognised name brand yet charging like Apple does .give me an Apple any day at this price

Chris Rowland

See comment below; Huawei as a brand is probably recognised by as many people as Apple is, just in different markets. Writing off Huawei is remarkably short sighted.


Lots of current Huawei phones are overpriced these days.
This phone is obscenely priced.
They are a pretend Apple with few original ideas.
Other companies offer better phones over the entire price range when compared to Huawei.

Chris Rowland

Actually, Huawei and Apple are about the same in terms of units shipped and popularity worldwide. Apple is popular in some western markets, but if you ignore what’s happening in Asia — and their preferences when it comes to hardware — you do so at your peril. Huawei is enormously popular in China, across continental Europe, and increasingly so in other markets too. Their phones aren’t overpriced when you put them against their competition, and frankly they’re offering a better alternative every year. I used Huawei’s P10 for a good six months of this year, and didn’t regret a minute… Read more »