Amit Fulay has been with Google since 2010, most recently as Head of Product for the Real-Time Communications team. In this capacity, he was responsible for Allo, Duo, WebRTC and other similar projects within Google, including Hangouts.

Fulay announced on Twitter today that he’s departed Google, and now works for Facebook:

It’s not clear who within Google will head up these services now that Fulay has departed, but it’s clear that his team has enjoyed a good amount of success – Duo has become increasingly popular (thanks, no doubt, to it’s default inclusion on many Android devices today) but other products such as Allo have struggled to gain traction in a crowded instant messaging market.

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I thought allo actually looked alright , but i know not one person that uses it ……… oh ……. except Darren ? , well done dazza ? ,
I tried to get my young brother to use it but he refuses point blank .


Doe anyone use allo ?


I do!


The only one user i guess