At CES this year we saw two new Android Wear watches from companies within the Fossil Group announced from Skagen and Kate Spade new york. The local pricing and availability have now been announced, so here’s when you can get your hands on the watches and how much you’ll pay.

The Kate Spade Touchscreen watch, with its distinctive scalloped bezel will be available from late February through David Jones. There are two models coming, both with the Rose Gold case though they offer options for straps with the soft vachetta leather strap priced at $499, while the metal bracelet will cost $549. The model with the black leather band and gold case is not going to be available in Australia.

The Skagen Falster is a classic watch design with a simple, yet very iconic look and will be headed to Australia from late February priced between $449 to $479.

Hardware wise, the watches are both powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and come with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity to devices either running Android 4.4 and above or iOS 9.0+ on iPhone 5 devices and above.

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Philip Clark

I’d be interested to see an article on Android Wear device long-term use, as there have been some pretty concerning signs that these things are not built to last. I’ve had my Huawei Watch (1st gen) for just on 2 years and the screen has significant permanent burn-in from the watch-face, despite the AW feature of slight movement of the ambient face designed to prevent this. Ok Google also seems to be completely broken for older watches, making them laggy to the point of unusable (this goes away if you turn it off). And the usual problems with reminder interactions… Read more »

Daniel Orchard (danielsoar)

Ok google is not broken for older wear, its broken for all wear. Ive got the huawei 2 classic and it instaltly came good after i disabled it, i almost stopped using it before i stumbled upon that solution. I use android pay regularly and love getting calls on my wrist as i work in noisy environments and its handy to know whether to bother picking up or ignore and call back later. Battery life is random which is my biggest gripe. If it broke tomorrow i am not sure i would replace it (its my second wear, i rocked… Read more »


Not sure if just me but the Skagen in black, reminds of the LG watch style.