Sony’s latest Xperia handsets announced at CES weren’t really anything revolutionary, but a new leak shows that Sony has something decent up their sleeves, with details of the Xperia XZ Pro leaking today.

Pictures and details of the specs of the phone have shown up on with expectations that the phone will be announced next month at Mobile World Congress.

The phone is shown off in a nice metallic light blue colour, with the front of the phone, which is only photographed with the screen off, hinting at an edge-to-edge display but with the smaller top and bottom bezels than previous Xperia designs. That screen, according to a screenshot of purported specs, will be 5.7″ in size with a 4K resolution similar to last years XZ Premium.

One thing you’ll note in these shots is that there’s no rear mounted fingerprint sensor which we’ve seen in both the recently launched XA2/XA2 Premium and L2, as well as in recently leaked shots.

Internally you can expect a Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage with microSD card slot (up to 256GB) and cameras will be, as usual, high-end or at least high Megapixel with a dual 18MP (with 1.33μm pixel size) + 12MP (with 1.38μm pixel size) rear camera setup and a 13MP selfie cam on the front. Whether it includes the 1000fps @ 1080P video capture we saw announced last year is anybodys guess.

You’ll get Android 8.0 Oreo on the Xperia XZ Pro with the usual light touches that Sony includes as customisations on their phones.

The expected launch will be at Mobile World Congress, so stay tuned for more leaks in the lead up to MWC2018.

Source: MyDrivers.
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    Battery and bezel needs to change from current designs.

    Mark Smith

    I like the look of it & prefer the side mount fingerprint reader they’ve used in recent years to rear or front mounted.
    I’d like them to go back to the excellent battery life they had with the Z3, they were the leaders in battery life & have gone backwards since


    Looks alright , hopefully sony puts a nice big battery in it .