The Chinese mobile giant Huawei isn’t afraid of mobile launches in fancy cities, and it seems the rumour-mill was correct – Huawei will be launching their new P20 series smartphones in Paris come March 27.

Rather than launch in the crowded news-space that is Mobile World Congress 2018 — where it launched 2017’s P10 series — Huawei will opt for its own event held a month later. Though the P20 is not mentioned in the press invitations we’ve seen, “new flagship devices” will be launched in eight weeks’ time.

At this stage, not a great deal more is known; Huawei will almost certainly make use of the Kirin 970 processor which serves with distinction in the Mate 10 Pro, and Android 8 Oreo at launch has to be a certainty.

With three models in the range, including the P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite, the new range is likely to feature with three cameras on the rear for some models.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Huawei’s been cooking, and in eight weeks or so, I guess we’ll find out!

Source: Android Central.