Huawei have produced some great flagship phones in recent times and the upcoming P20 looks to be no different. We have seen various leaks for the P20 with some suggestions of a variant with three rear cameras in the works. Today we saw the dual rear camera prototype leak ahead of it’s announcement at the end of next month in Paris.

The folks over at Android Authority managed to get their hands of a near-final stage Huawei P20 prototype. As seen in the photos below Huawei have gone for a much more sleek and flowing design language compared with last year’s P10. the design is more along the lines of that seen on the Mate 10 Pro, and that is not a bad thing. the front display appears to be curved as is the rear of the device. The prototype pictures only has two rear cameras suggesting it will be the P20 and the P20 Plus (or P20 Pro) will come with the third rear camera.

The bottom of the device shows a USB-C charging port and NO headphone jack. Like it or not, it seems nearly all manufacturers are heading down that path now. The headphone jack is not the only thing missing. We see the power button on one side of the device but when the opposite side of the device is shown there are no buttons at all present. Huawei obviously will have some form of software implementation for controlling volume rather than hardware buttons. Considering how little I change the volume on my phone (aside from going into and out of DND mode) I don’t see this as a bad thing.

It is of course possible that Huawei will empower the AI chip inside their Kirin 970 to automatically control the volume of the device given the location, time and current use of the phone. Huawei were criticised for their under-use of the AI chip in the Mate 10 and this could be one way they may be able to implement it into their devices more: that is their final goal- to allow the phone to do what you want it to do before you have to do it yourself.

The bezels on the phone are once again very small- just as seen on the Mate 10 phones and given how nicely the Mate 10 phones turned out we expect the Huawei P20 to also be a great looking phone. Hopefully Huawei continue on their path of improving their software and bring a high quality software to match their hardware.

We will be keeping a close eye on proceedings in Paris late next month and will bring you all the details as well as an early hands on first chance we get (hopefully from Paris).

Are you looking forward to this next Huawei flagship? Would you consider buying it?

Source: Android Authority.
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Drop Bear

What gimped software? Have you used EMUI 8? Its not Huawei 2014. Sure it still needs refinement but it is nothing like Color OS.


Huawei… making Android powered iPhones.