It has been two long weeks for those awaiting Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship since its announcement. Every supplier has had some kind of pre-order bonus but if you have been waiting to be able to just go in and buy one today is the day.

While reports have the pre-orders of the S9 phones down on last year’s S8 phones it is still expected to be the best selling Android phone of the year. We have had a couple on hand for a week or so now and have put them through their paces and are very impressed with it.

The software is better than ever (although the jury is out on the AR emojis), the camera is the best ever smartphone camera according to DxOMark and the display is far superior to any other smartphone display out there. What more could you want?

So whether it is buying outright from various retailers or picking one up on a plan from one of the carriers today is the day if you want to be able to wow your friends over the weekend with Samsung’s newest flagship. We had a round up of the various plans and pricing available if you want to check that out before pulling the trigger just to make sure you are getting the best deal for you.

As for outright pricing, every store wants to get that sale so feel free to try and get some accessories thrown in when you purchase. Expect to pay a RRP$1,199 for the lower end Galaxy S9 (64GB) and RRP$1,349 for the 256GB version. The Galaxy S9+ is priced higher at $1,349 for the 64GB and $1,499 for the 256GB variant.

Let us know in the comments below if you have an S9/S9+ on hand or plan on buying one today. What are your initial thoughts on it?

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I still like my S8+ even with it’s imperfections , but the new ones do look too be damn good , yes , except the armojis’s that look a little bit childish ( hey I’m old ?) . I will probably get the S9+ and leave my S8+ in the dex full time and I won’t bother replacing my home computer that’s been toast for donkeys ages. It will be good too see the end to the poorly positioned finger print scanner , and the improved speakers will be nice , I really have nothing more to complain about with… Read more »