Like it or not, notch life has become a thing this year with Android manufacturers producing a number of phones this year – 16 cutout devices from 11 OEMs already released – and with Android P set to bring official support for the notch, Google has started laying some ground rules.

In a blog post for developers Product Manager, Android System UI, Megan Potoski has laid out some of the things developers can expect, as well as some ground rules for manufacturers producing devices running Android P. The displays from Android manufacturers will be limited to a maximum of two notches says Ms Potoski, something ZTE has already looked at with their concept ‘Iceberg’ phone which features a notch at either end of the display.

Google has said that ‘devices may only have up to one cutout on each short edge of the device’, further clarifying that multiple cutouts on a single edge will also be banned, and that cutouts on the long edge of the device are similarly on the banned list.

Notches are either the bane of everyones existence, or just a future part of mobile life, at least until manufacturers work out how to incorporate the relevant sensors underneath the display. Google’s blog also talks to developers on best practices for working around the notch, or incorporating it which if developers take note could be a good sign. We’ll know more as Android P potentially goes official later this month and more notch-y phones, including the Pixel 3 XL come out this year.

Source: Android Developers.
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    Michael Burns

    Should be a max of zero notches..

    Oliver Ward

    Was really hoping for a phone with a notch on all sides. Damn.


    Yeah I’ve started colouring a notch on my glasses ; )