Although many of us now have more data than they will ever need with some even choosing one of the carriers’ “unlimited” plans there are still some who have to be careful about using mobile data to download apps. Now Google have added an option into the Play Store settings to set your preference for this downloading.

Within the settings of your Play Store app is a new option “App download preference”. This setting allows you to choose whether to allow apps to download over any network (with a warning that data charges may apply), over Wi-Fi only or to ask before each download.

These settings are separate from the auto-update settings which also gives you the same options, and has for a while. The new setting is visible in my Play Store running version 11.2.14 but has been reported on v11.1.30 and higher.

Let us know in the comments below if you have this option and how you plan to set it. FWIW I have set mine to download at anytime — that 52GB in my data allowance rarely gets anywhere close to used.

Source: Android Police.
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I’m on 11.2.14 and have this option, although to be honest I don’t remember ever not having it? Maybe I am getting confused with the auto-update preferences though.