Telstra have their own subscription-based IoT products and today they have announced an expansion on them with the Telstra Locator.

The Telstra Locator comes in a few types including a lightweight Bluetooth tag for keys and purses (similar to Tile), a rechargeable Wi-Fi tag designed for pets, bikes and bags and a premium LTE tag for high value items such as cars and machinery. Telstra say that each tag will connect to one or a combination of Telstra’s networks including a new Bluetooth locator community, “parts of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi Network” and for the LTE tags, the Cat M1 IoT technology on Telstra’s Mobile Network.

Telstra are focussed on bringing even more IoT products and solutions to their network and said:

We’ve already deployed the most advanced IoT technology on our mobile network, we’re now focused on harnessing IoT technology to introduce services that make customers’ connected lives easier. Telstra’s new Location of Things products use connected technology to solve everyday problems for Australians – from families and local businesses through to our country’s largest enterprises.Michele Garra, Telstra Head of Innovation & Strategy

One of the downfalls of these locator devices is the density of the network of other locators available to help. Telstra are hoping to create Australia’s most powerful finding service with the help of their networks and customers via an opt-in service within the Telstra 24/7 app. The Bluetooth locator community will also grow over the coming years with over 6,000 Telstra vehicles and 6,000 taxis being fitted with Bluetooth locator technology. The Telstra Finder app will be used to locate valuables should they go missing.

Telstra are also working with “a number of large organisations” to trial the new Track and Monitor solution for businesses, available from October. This will allow businesses to track large volumes of assets at a low cost across multiple locations.

Telstra Locator will launch later this year as a subscription-based service available to Telstra customers and small business post-paid mobile customers. Would you add one of these to your valuable assets? Do you already use such a service?

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