When Google first introduced Android Wear as it was then known, to the world they were keen to get the traditional watchmakers of the world onboard, rather than just tech companies. Diesel is one company that has taken on the challenge of producing smartwatches running Wear OS and overnight at IFA 2018 they have announced their next iteration of the smartwatch.

The Diesel Full Guard 2.5 is a statement piece, as you would expect from a company at the forefront of fashion. The new Full Guard 2.5 has a 1.39 inch display with a 454 x 454 pixel resolution and when combined with the massive casing results in a 46 x 46mm case which is 11mm thick, larger than nearly all Wear OS watches on the market.

Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 (a strange decision considering Qualcomm are releasing the new wearable chipset within a couple of weeks), 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage — just as their original On Full Guard housed. The new version differs with a heart rate sensor, onboard GPS, and NFC.

The 300mAh is designed to give up to two days of battery life with a one-hour quick charge feature that can give power for a full day’s use. The Full Guard 2.5 will arrive in four styles: matte steel with black leather strap, a gunmetal case with a brown strap, a matte black steel case with a black silicone strap, and a gunmetal steel case with a gunmetal link bracelet.

The Full Guard 2.5 is expected to launch in the US in October for around US$325-350. At this stage it is unknown when it will arrive here but we have reached out to Diesel Australia for more information.

Source: Android Police.
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512GB of RAM? Lol…


Wow this watch is so cool!